CONTEST: The Crypto Thunderdome

Our friends over at announced a fantasy crypto tournament over the weekend. Much like fantasy football, the goal is to pick out players you believe will perform the best over the coming season. However, instead of picking athletes, you pick prospective cryptocurrencies.

bitcoin crypto walled cold storage

The competition is free to enter for the first 128 entrants, so hurry. It’s easy to sign up, you enter by selecting three different coins from CoinMarketCap as your “team”each week. You are then pitted against a randomly selected opponent. Whichever portfolio has the best weekly performance percentage wins.

At Cold Storage Coins we love events and organisations that invent new ways to have fun with crypto. That’s why we decided to offer the winner of this fantasy competition our 1 troy ounce .999 silver Bitcoin wallet coin. Along with a 2nd place .999 silver Ethereum wallet coin, and 16 lucky finalists will receive a .999 copper Bitcoin wallet coin.

bitcoin crypto walled cold storage

If that’s not enough is offering a “cash” prize of 0.05 BTC for first place, and 0.3 ETH for the runner-up, pre-loaded on our marvelous coins of course.

We are a proud supporter of this competition because we believe that the crypto world needs some levity. Constant news updates about ETFs and SEC regulations can put a damper on our enthusiasm for such a interesting and exciting technology. This transformative time period we inhabit should feel less like a board meeting and more like the “Bitcoin Revolution” that we hear so much about.

So if you aren’t already signed-up, what are you waiting for? It’s free, do I need to say anything more to convince you? Don’t miss your opportunity to win one of our magnificent cold storage coins, and become the envy of all of your friends and family.

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