How To Use




Available for both iOS and and Android mobile operating systems, the Bevis app makes tracking the value of your digital assets easy and fun.

With the app, you can add value, redeem value, set price alerts, and verify the authenticity of your Cold Storage Coin.




Before you swap your cold hard cash for digital currency, we strongly encourage you to read this page and consider the Do's, Don'ts and Fine Print. Buying digital currencies, including Bitcoin, can be a lot like gambling, and is extremely risky. NEVER buy more than you are willing to lose, and be prepared for your asset to lose all of its value without warning.

Now that you're holding the easiest & safest way to own Bitcoin in the palm of your hand, it's time to activate your Cold Storage Coin and add value.




1) Open the Bevis app on your mobile device. You'll need to scan the QR code on the back of the coin, so be sure to use a device with a quality camera.

2) Touch the + in the top-right corner of the app to add your new Cold Storage Coin.

3) Scan the QR code on the back of the coin, located next to the 6-digit Coin ID.

Once you scan the coin, our system will immediately verify the authenticity of your Cold Storage Coin. If our system recognizes the coin, it will display a picture of the coin in the package along with the manunfacturing data. Please ensure the 6-digit Coin ID displayed in the app matches the 6 digits on your coin.

If this is your first time scanning the coin, the app will ask if you want to activate the coin and add value. press YES if you want to proceed.



4) Select the amount you want to add to the coin. Amounts are listed in United States Dollars. If you want to add an amount not shown, select "Other". The maximum amount you can add varies by location.

5) Select CONFIRM. A confirmation screen will show the details of your Add Value Transaction - including the total amount in USD, the live market price of the digital asset you will receive, our processing fee for facilitating the transaction, and a total amount due.

6) If you are satisfied with the transaction, select CONFIRM. You will be taken to the Payment Options, where you can select one of several payment methods.

Please note that payment options and limits vary by region, and you may choose to contact us for help in finding a payment method that works best for you.

Once your payment is complete, your coin will be funded within 30 minutes of our ability to verify your successful payment. The new balance will be shown in the app upon successful payment verification.



And that's it! You're holding the easiest way to own digital currency. It's offline, unhackable and designed to retain its important data for years! It's a digital asset now held safe & secure in the palm of your hand.

But BE CAREFUL! You've now converted DIGITAL risk into PHYSICAL risk. There is No way to recover a lost or missing Cold Storage Coin, so it's absolutely critical that you safeguard it the same way you would any other irreplaceable item, like in a safe or saafe-deposit box at a trustworthy bank.

We encourage you to explore the exciting and rapidly evolving world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. If we can be of assistance, let us know!



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