The Virtually Indestructible Cold Storage Coin

If you’re going to hold Bitcoin for decades, obviously you want your storage to be reliable and damage resistant. And as we’ve seen, hard drives and paper wallets aren’t up for the task.

Of course, it’s only natural to wonder if Cold Storage Coins are too.

Because your private key is laser-etched into your coin, it’s impossible to lose – but does that mean it’s safe from corrosion, damage and the passage of time?

As you know, noble metals don’t corrode. But knowing that fact isn’t good enough for our team. After all, we’re not talking about normal coins are we? We’re talking about your physical Bitcoin. A coin will hold thousands, if not millions of dollars...testing is crucial.

Every year, we put thousands of Cold Storage Coins through the same strict testing used by the World’s most respected brands. So we guarantee your coin will withstand environmental stress, and accidental damage. From house-fires, and floods to earthquakes, nothing stands in the way of your Bitcoin investment.

Corrosion And Accelerated Age Testing

It’s not enough to simply test against corrosive elements. To confirm our coins stand the test of time, they go through many accelerated aging tests. Coins are subject to extreme environmental and corrosive conditions. Thousands of cycles are repeated, to mimic ageing under normal and adverse conditions.

    Some of these tests include:

    • Salt Spray Testing
    • Heat Aging
    • Thermal Shock (rapid and extreme temperature changes)
    • UV Testing
    • Accelerated Weathering
    • Cyclic Corrosion Testing
    • Humidity Testing

    Flammability Testing

    Of course, noble metals are inflammable, but our testing is designed to identify the temperature at which the surface of the coin becomes unreadable. Our coins can withstand temperatures between 1763°F to 1984°F. So even in a devastating house fire, your coin and its investment are still retrievable.

    Material Strength Testing

    But what happens if something heavy falls on your coin, like in the event of an earthquake or some mishap while moving house? We’ve tested that too and they can withstand up to 30% defacing. So your private key remains in tact, even if your coin gets a little roughed up.

    Some of these tests include Flexural Strength, Compressive Strength, Hardness & Abrasion Resistance.

    Flammability testing to melt point of 1085 celcius

    World Class Product Research Facility

    Our coins are tested by Micom Labs to ASTM Standards. We chose Micom due to their expert work in the safety conscious aerospace, automotive and medical devices industries. We’re proud to stand alongside brands like Volvo, Siemens, Dr Pepper, and Glaxo Smith Kline, who rely on Micom too. They are accredited by many organizations including the World Health Organization and the Standards Council of Canada.

    We Guarantee Your Investment Is Safe For 5 Years

    We’ve all heard stories about people who lose their Bitcoin due to hard drive failures and damage to computers. So you’ll appreciate knowing we destroy thousands of coins under extreme conditions to guarantee yours lives a profitable life under normal ones.