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so cold you cant get it opened

i bought a bitcoin coin i thought it was a great idea i wanted to try it before i started to send them to my family. it took two months to finally get most of the bitcoin off i called cold storage and send emails. they responded to the email once or twice, im think i just got lucky getting the funds or most of them off the bitcoin one its been months and i have tried over and over to get the ether to transfer , no luck i seen someone talking about the same problem about two years ago, they never said how they finally got the balance to show up. on the one, blockchain, wallet that will scan the code it says there is no balance and will not transfer it even though the coin has aprx 60.0on iti just spent another hour plus hopping to retrieve my funds, i had thought at one point i got ripped of then finally i got the bitcoin. so i don't know for sure anything except if i can't access the money it not money

ETH Cold Storage coin

Awesome detail, simple use, and great customer service!

Great for Gifting

Its great way to give crypto to people that don't understand anything about crypto. These coins help me to HODL crypto as well.

Great products

The instructions are simple, the product is well made, and I intend to buy multiple cold storage coins for all of my crypto currencies.


Hi! Works with erc20?

Yes! Any ERC-20 token is supported.

- Cold Storage Coins