Redeem WAVES

It’s Time to Cash Out of Cold Storage

Redeeming Your Waves Cold Storage Coin

Here are a few simple reminders to get you started:

  • do NOT use any sharp objects or abrasives to clean the coin
  • we made the security seal very tamper resistant and difficult to remove – don’t be surprised if you need to clean the coin surface before scanning the QR code. WD-40 acts as a quick and easy solvent – works in seconds!
  • if you’re having trouble scanning the QR code, simply type the text into a QR code generator to create a scannable QR – case sensitive!
  • the coin scans best on a quality phone in good lighting conditions – get a nice contrast for easy scanning.


Step 1 – Remove the holographic security seal

There is a small, 0.5mm gap between the security seal and the inside edge of the coin rim. It’s often difficult to get between the coin and the seal. Using your finger nail, gently pry the plastic surface of the security seal away from the coin.

Underneath the security seal, you’ll find left behind a random pattern of tamper-evident residue.

Step 2 – Remove residue from the coin surface

To get a good scan, you’ll need to remove the leftover tamper-evident residue.

After extensive chemical testing, we found that WD-40 is a easy to find & easy to use solvent that quickly desolves the residue, wiping away fast & without fuss. Other chemicals, like lighter fluid, paint remover & turpentine also work well, and will not damage the surface of the coin. Rubbing alcohol also works, but requires a lot more time and effort.

Whatever you do, and regardless of the chemicals used, DO NOT use any sharp object to scratch off the residue. We designed the security seal to be tamper-resistant, and the byproduct of this security is increased difficulty in removal. We tested and found a great balance between the two, but you can quickly damage the etching on the coin’s surface by using a knive, nail, metal scraper, or other sharp instrument. If you make a smeary mess of the coin surface, stop, secure your coin, take a break, and track down some WD-40. It’s available lots of places and will quickly return your coin to scan-ready condition.

Step 3 – Go to waves platform for importing

Soon, the Cold Storage Coin app will offer a wallet import feature. Until then go to Be sure to review that the URL is correct and that SSL is working correctly. Sign up and proceed to restore your account.

Step 4 – Input your wallet seed

After you clicked “Restore account” type in your 15-word phrase from the coin – it’s very easy to read and type your 15-word seed phrase. However you can also use any QR reader to scan the laser-etched QR code. Than, simply copy/paste into the input field. Make sure that:

  • the words are ALL lowercase
  • the first word is in the bottom left of the coin – 7 o’clock position
  • when you typed all all the words correctly, you will notice the 3rd and 8th characters in the address match the laser-etched coin ID.

If you want to save this to the computer you are using, select “keep the account…” and setup your password – not recommended.