The Easiest Way to Own Bitcoin

Discover Cold Storage Coins

Like it or not, crypto is here to stay.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy early adopter or just showing up to the crypto-party, Bitcoin, the blockchain and its many technological offshoots are changing the way bankers, politicians and normal people think about money.

But boarding the Bitcoin wagon isn’t easy.

Even Bitcoin’s biggest fans have a hard time holding on to cryptocurrency: wallets are hacked on a regular basis. Passwords are forgotten. Currency exchanges go bankrupt and hard drives crash. With all the risk, it’s hard to know how to safely get started.

Experts agree that the easiest way to safeguard your Bitcoin investment is with cold storage – saving cryptocurrency offline where it can’t be hacked. And there’s no better way to secure your Bitcoin than with Cold Storage Coins™.

Available in investment-grade silver, copper & gold, Cold Storage Coins™ are the easiest way to own Bitcoin.

Un-hackable, flood-proof, fire-resistant & available the moment you want, Cold Storage Coins™ are all you need to join the Bitcoin revolution!

Each Cold Storage Coin™ features a unique, laser-etched wallet ID and private key, concealed beneath the industry’s best tamper-evident holographic film. Intrinsically valuable and inherently secure, Cold Storage Coins™ are also the safest way to own Bitcoin.